Rights and Equality

Time for another rambling, stream of consciousness post!

Everyone’s favourite!

So, I’ve never considered myself a feminist. In my life and my experience I’ve found that for every inequality suffered by women, there is another suffered by men. I am in favour of equal rights for all people so I don’t pick one group to champion over any others.

Recently, I’ve been educating myself on men’s rights issues. I read about a man asked to move seats on a flight so he wasn’t sitting next to a child. This man was automatically assumed to be a paedophile just because he is a man. I read about a man who helped a lesbian couple conceive a child, only to later be sued for child support when the mothers fell upon hard times. I read countless stories of men who had been raped only to be laughed at when they went for help or to press charges.

Spurred on by these stories I sought out information on men’s rights, to see what people were doing and how the inequalities were being fought.

I was surprised by what I found.

Instead of focusing on spreading their message to receptive minds and engaging in peaceful activism, men’s rights activists seem to just want to hate feminists. When questioned they say that the masses are too brainwashed by the idea of the ‘patriarchy’ to be won over. Instead of being ‘Pro-men’ they’ve become ‘anti-woman’. But hasn’t feminism done the same?

Treating all men like potential rapists, abusers and paedophiles isn’t furthering any cause. Treating all women as gold diggers looking to trap men be filling their wombs isn’t helping anyone.

Almost every issue of gender equality could be addressed and amended if the two groups recognised their mutual interests and worked together but too many feminists have hated men for too long to believe that men can be raped and abused and too many men’s rights activists have been treated like rapists and paedophiles to trust them.

It makes me sad that people can’t talk to each other, in most situations communication would fix a lot.

Food for thought, why does a woman have the right to terminate a pregnancy that the father wants to keep?


2 thoughts on “Rights and Equality

  1. A friend of mine had an abortion while the father didn’t want her to. The consensus they came to was that she was the one who had to carry it, birth it and deal with the physical ramifications during and afterwards, which I think is a pretty strong argument. We can’t have true equality because we do different things. A man doesn’t have as strong a voice in what a woman does with her body and the life within because it’s not his body. It should be a joint decision, but frankly if one of you doesn’t want a baby then you shouldn’t be getting pregnant in the first place. If a person really wants a baby and is with someone who doesn’t, then they shouldn’t be together coz something has to give.

    If you want to look into men’s rights where they actually listen to women you should look into the rights of fathers, the guys who climb buildings and stuff, they do some interesting work.

    Also interesting point, if I had lived with my mother growing up my father would have had to pay child support. I lived with my father and my mother didn’t have to pay him a penny.

    • admin says:

      That’s pretty much my feeling on it.

      You can’t have equality in that situation because biology hasn’t made it equal.

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