I’m terrible, let’s fix it.

Well, if I were you, I would stop reading now. This is for me, not you.

I’m tired. Fed up with myself. Everything is mediocre and anything good is just out of reach.

I have to start my weight loss journey from scratch. Again. There’s never quite enough money so I don’t have to worry. There’s money I owe that I just can’t seem to find to pay back.

I’m behind where I want to be professionally. I should have done more by now. I can’t even be sure I’m doing the right thing. So many doubts.

Friendships are ending, ones I thought I could count on forever have faded to nothing. Some are even worse than nothing. I blame babies. They change people and as much as people say they want to stay friends and we’ll still be in touch and do things together, it’s never the same. It becomes too one-sided.

I’m making some changes starting now. I’ll be tracking my mood to see if I can get my depression in check. The weight is going. The debt is being repaid. Most importantly, I’ll be pruning the dead branches of my social tree.

I’ve been paying lip service to sorting myself out for too long. I need to be selfish or I’m going to fall apart. I hope that the people around me will understand that, the ones who are true friends will.

That’s all.