It’s been a while…

but I’ve got something on my mind.

I’ve known for a while that rooms with high ceilings can cause panic attacks for me. Sometimes I just feel uneasy and other times it’s an all out crying, can’t breath deal. There are many buildings that do not have any effect on me and so far in my life I’ve coped pretty well and not been held back.

Last week my crappy phobia decided to weigh in on my new career. I went to visit the new coastguard operations centre, the place I intend to be working in a few years. The main ops room is about 2 and a half storeys high. Panic attack central. One of my worst ever.

Everyone is pretty confident that I’ll be able to get used to the room but I have a niggling, pessimistic doubt.

I decided to look up my phobia online, just to see if anyone else felt the same and if they’d overcome it.

Altocelarophobia – fear of high ceilings. Suddenly I feel like less of a freak.

Many people describe symptoms just like mine, no reason for a particular room to set you off, a feeling of panic or unease in places very similar to those that have upset me. I don’t feel the floating or lightening sensation that worries some people and I don’t worry about falling up but it’s so reassuring to know I’m not alone in my craziness!

Anyone else have a bizarre phobia?