Thank you!

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I have a pretty busy day planned so today I would like to say thank you to;

Claire, Iola, Alex, Kathryn, Jemma, Benjie, James, Bernadette, Matt, Simone, Lindsey and Gem.

And probably Gareth for setting it up.

You beautiful people have helped me get the best birthday present ever! As soon as we can sort out a date I’ll be FEEDING LEMURS!


I’m so excited.

I will post a full and detailed blog about the wonders of lemurs and feeding them. And there will be pictures. Many pictures.

Also I’ve lost over 50lbs and counting. Woop woop.


Matilda The Musical

A few months ago my friend Lauren said she was going to see Matilda and asked if Gareth and I would like to go. We both loved Roald Dahl growing up and as the songs were written by Tim Minchin it sounded like we were on to a winner.

I don’t even want to think about how much money this has cost me.

The show was bad. I can’t really put my finger on what it was but I didn’t enjoy it. It took the worst parts of the film and removed some of the best bits of the book. The Miss Trunchbull character was totally wrong but Matilda, her parents and Miss Honey were all perfect. The stage was genius with bits that popped up to make desks and different rooms. The songs don’t stick in your head and nothing really made me laugh. Such a disappointment.