This week will kill me.

Kill me dead.


Fine, figuratively.

I’m driving to Southampton 3 nights this week for some live musicy goodness. I’m working most of the days in between so sleeping and eating are going to become lower priority activities for the next 4 days. This does mean I may slip up once or twice for convenience sake which annoys me but I’m too lazy to think of anything else to do!

This fact makes my sacrifices today even more noble.

For the flimsiest of reasons we were all given Wispa chocolate bars at work, I gave mine away like a good girl and then when I got home Gareth was all like ‘I’ll buy chinese for dinner’. Pffft, I didn’t give up free chocolate just to ruin it all with delicious chinese.

Gammon and eggs is the meal of winners. Also homemade rhubarb jelly. Yum.



That’s me that is.

Totally lame.

There’s no excuse for this at all, I just can’t ever remember to write a post! Oh well.

Since I last updated I’ve passed 2 little milestones. I passed the 3 stone mark and dropped below the next stone in weight, I’m under 17st people!

My body is doing all sorts of weird womanly things that I don’t agree with and they are affecting my weight loss but we’re still on a downward trend so I’m not complaining too much. It is making the urge to be sterilised stronger though, if anyone fancies funding that operation let me know!

I’ve decided to set myself a mini goal to focus on. I want to have lost the 4th stone by the end of February. Right now that’s 11lbs and 26 days away. I reckon I can do it. Maybe you guys can help keep me on track?

I know more people are reading the blog now, it would be great to see some comments from any of you (and of course keep yours coming Benjie). Please let me know what you think about the blog. I’m open to suggestions 🙂