Almost a milestone

Oh wow I am not so good with the regular updates!

Well, I did my first week of Attack phase and lost everything I put on over Christmas, then my first Cruise week took me down another 4 lbs which is not too shabby at all! I’ve now realised that I am just 2lbs away from having lost 3 stone.

Weird things are starting to happen. I can feel all my ankle bones when I put socks on and my arms and wrists seem really hard. I’ve clearly been too fat for too long if being able to feel bones is newsworthy but damn it, I’m pleased!

So there have been a couple of slip ups in the last week. I ate some chips on Monday and I’ve had some sort of chocolate almost everyday BUT my activity level has been much increased. Nothing that can really be described as a workout but I’ve walked round London, played at Playzone with the very lovely Laura and Iola as well as wandering around with equally lovely Emma and her pony. Anything is better than sitting on my arse all weekend so thanks guys.

Lastly, this week we have to say goodbye to Graham who is cruelly abandoning me to travel round the world until June. Quite frankly I’m jealous and hope he brings me back lots of presents. I’ll be reading his blog to keep an eye on him and his adventures.


Let’s do this thing!

I am back on this now. Started the diet properly this morning with my oat bran ration and some lovely protein.

Steak and eggs for dinner is the way to go!

In it for the long haul now, 6 stone left to lose and I can do this.

Hooray for me!

I want cheese 😦


New Year, new start.

Hello reader.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a fun-filled and fantastic festive period. I know I did.

In the spirit of the season I’ve decided to set out my resolutions for 2012, perhaps this will help me stick to them.

1- Lose more weight. I did well at this in the last 3 months, Christmas has cause a bit of a hiccup but I’m still doing well. I’ll be back on the diet as of Tuesday and aim to lose another 5-6 stone this year.

2- Sort out my finances. Seriously. I’m 25, I have a decent paying job and no real demands like children or crippling debts and yet I run out of money nearly every month. This year, that’s getting sorted out.

3- Stop being a bore. I have a tendency to go on about things a bit much and no-one really cares. Maybe it would improve some of my relationships, not to mention stop the argument that I protest too much about not wanting babies!

Well, that’s me for the year. How about you?