Bad, bad week.

Friday night, our beloved cat, Jeff, was hit and killed by a car outside our house. He was a damn fine cat and will always be remembered for his many qualities and eccentricities.

This had some unfortunate repercussions for the diet though as we started headlong into a weekend of binge eating and even a bit of drinking. We both only lost 1lb each over the whole week which is appalling. I decided to jump start the weight loss again with 3 days of pure protein, abstaining from vegetables and bad food, to make up for all the cheating. This has not gone well. I’m dreading weighing myself this weekend. Our bathroom scales have died as well so I can’t even keep track like I used to. Oh dear.

Someone tell me how skinny I’m looking to cheer me up?


8 weeks in.

I reached a bit of a milestone today. I officially crossed the 30lbs lost mark.


According to this website that’s the same weight as the amount of cheese eaten by an average American every year. That’s not a very helpful statistic to help you visualise a weight so if it helps, I’m closer to having lost a cinder block in weight now.

Are you proud of me? Huh?

Yeah, I though so.