Week 2

OK, this week wasn’t great. I didn’t really cheat this week (there are a couple of things to be mentioned later) but it wasn’t great for weight loss.

I gave blood at the beginning of the week and due to a mix up on my records they thought I was likely to faint (AS IF!) ad they made me eat biscuits before they took my blood. I was a bit angry about that. Also my mum just came back from the holiday she left for before I started the diet and brought me back some sweets which I MIGHT have eaten a few of. Oops.

To be fair this is my first week of Cruise phase and the weight loss is supposed to slow down now AND it was ‘that time of the month’ which any lady can tell you means weight gain through water retention.

Even with all the biscuits, lady time and sweeties I’ve now reached just under 5% weight loss. Hooray!


Week 1


My first week was amazing. It was all Attack phase so we just ate chicken, fish, 0% fat yoghurt and eggs. I wasn’t tempted to cheat once which is amazing for me really.

I lost just under 4% of my body weight in the first week. I am so happy with this! Almost double what the good doctor predicted!

Fingers crossed for the next week.


Day Three

OK, so I started on Monday, not Sunday. It’s not the end of the world.

So far I’m doing really well. Every morning I eat a bowl of 0% Greek yoghurt mixed with my oat bran allowance. It’s pretty tasty.

Lunch has been steamed chicken with rosemary or tuna with yoghurt and then for dinner I have salmon or haddock or chicken and poached eggs or a tasty omelette.

I’ve also been doing some excercise on Wii Fit every day.

I think it’s all going well but today I feel a bit ill. Hopefully this will pass and by the time I weigh myself on Sunday I’ll have something to celebrate!


Let’s do this.

I have reached a point now where my weight is unacceptable to me. Something must be done.

After long conversations with Mr Holly and an ongoing successful diet being used by a close friend we have decided to start the Dukan Diet. This is a high protein, low carb diet and according to the official website I’ll be on some form of it for the rest of my life. Oh goody!

I’ve decided to use this blog as a record of my success or failure. Fingers crossed for success though.

I don’t want to give my actual weight so we’ll take my weight today as 100%. I would like to reach 60-65%.

Tomorrow we start ‘Attack Phase’ which will be 7 days of pure protein. Fish, eggs, certain meats and low fat yoghurt are the allowed food groups this week so I’m off shopping.

Wish me luck!