The time I nearly had my own pterosaur…

When I was at university most of my lecturers were ‘in the field palaeontologists’ during the summer. During an expedition to Brazil one lecturer (an expert in pterosaurs) found a new species of pterosaur, however he only found a small part of the skeleton and couldn’t decide what to do.

One day, after class he stopped a small group of us and explained his dilemma. Should he use the piece he had to describe a new species and publish it OR wait until there was more evidence for his new find, risking someone else getting in there first. We all kinda shrugged with murmurs of ‘it’s your career’ so he rephrased the question.

‘Who would like a pterosaur named after them?’

I shot my hand up so fast! ‘Me me me me me!!!!’

He looked straight into my eyes, laid his hand on my knee and said

‘You realise you’d have to sleep with me’

We all laughed and he immediately shouted that he was joking ha ha ha and wasn’t it funny.
Later we all spoke about it and decided it would have been worth it. But I missed my chance.