Second Review- Wetlands

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Wetlands by Charlotte Roche is marketed and described as erotic literature or even thinly veiled pornography. Honestly, this is why I bought it! I read that it was so extreme that at public readings women had fainted in shock. I wanted own a book that was that sexy.

I do not own a book that is that sexy. Wetlands is the story of Helen Memel, an 18 year old girl who, due to an accident in shaving her pubic hair, must spend a period of time in the proctology ward of her local hospital.

The story is well written with good insights into the main characters life. The back story of the family is handled sensitively and keeps the reader interested, however it feels unfinished. To me the story feels like it needs the confrontation and the reactions at the end but everything is left trailing off. Perhaps there is a sequel planned and the story line alone would make me consider buying a sequel.

However, the bulk of the story is the authors attempt to shock and appall her readers. I have a pretty strong stomach but even as I think of certain parts of this book I feel queasy. If you can stand the graphic descriptions of sexual practices and how Helen deals with her wound then this book can make a pretty interesting read.

However if i ever meet someone who is turned on by this book, I will probably throw up right there. It is NOT an erotic novel.

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Reviews: Part One

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I thought I’d take the time to tell you about some things I’ve done/read/seen recently. I can think of at least 3 things to tell you about so I’ll do a post every couple of days about each one.

Today I’d like to talk about Watchmen. I saw the movie Friday evening in a totally packed out cinema. Unfortunately I think I was in the minority as someone who has actually read the book. As soon as Gareth heard there was a Watchmen movie coming out he made me read the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In the run up to the film coming out I resisited the urge to pick the book up again. I like to have the comparison but I like the memory of the orignial to be a little misty so that my mind is more open to the new interpretation.

When I finished the book first time round I decided it would be impossible to film and said as much frequently. I have been proven very very wrong.

Visually, the film is excellent. Some kind of witchcraft was employed I’m sure as every single character looked as if they had just stepped off the page. The settings, scenery, props and background buildings were also spot on. I don’t think anyone could have done it better. I loved the interpretation of Dr Manhattan‘s character, I had been quite worried about how they would portray him but my fears were groundless and he is the gentle giant I imagined. Not to mention the blue penis!

There was been some criticism regarding parts of the story that are missing and a small change to the ending. When I heard the ending had been changed I was a bit mad. I didn’t see how or why they would change it. Having seen the film now I understand. The change is really small and is more fitting in this version. The parts that were cut are a bit of a side story and without that story the ending as it is in the book wouldn’t make sense.

Everything else aside, I really enjoyed this film. I think it is as good a watchmen film as could ever be made. I hear there will be a directors cut which will include the side story. I’m curious to see if this will affect the ending as well. Some people have said that they feel the choice of music could have been alot better, maybe I’m not as big a film buff as these people (and hey, I never said I was a film buff) but I don’t feel that way. Music doesn’t affect my enjoyment of a movie all that much. Maybe I’m not deep enough. Maybe I’m not critical enough.

I really recommend this film to fans of the book. However if you haven’t read it and don’t want to read it I’d advise you to steer clear unless you enjoy dense, heavy movies with a lot of storyline and not alot of time!

I give the film 5/5 mongooses.

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