I hate my job.

I hate my job, I hate that they can call me in on my day off for a meeting, I hate 2 thirds of the people I work with, I hate that no-one cares, I hate that no matter what I do for them it’s never enough, they always want more.

Gareth says I’m too young to be this cynical but I can’t help feeling that life is backwards. I have to work in order to live. Today’s society has made it so that it is impossible to enjoy your life the way that we should be able to.

Animals eat, sleep and fuck. Thats all a species really needs to survive. Humans are the same. To eat you must buy your food, if you want to sleep in relative comfort you will need to have a home and a bed, you can’t even just fuck wherever you want. To get the things you need to live you need money. To get money society says you must work. Most people work at least 5 day weeks. That leaves you 2 days a week to live. Unless work needs you to come in on your day off.

Companies don’t care about their employees. They extend their opening hours with no thought for their employees, just squeezing more money out of their customers.

I had a whole rant planned but typing is therapeutic and I calmed down. Damn…I can’t remember the rest. It was good too.

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