Holy Crap! A blog post not about Twilight.

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My name is Holly and I use StumbleUpon. I am an avid Stumbler. I can spend hours clicking that special little button built into my firefox browser, laugh at the cute pictures, be inspired by the short stories and amazed by the scientific discoveries that it brings me. I love that it knows what I like and sends me to places it ‘think’ I will like.

What I do not like is that for the past couple of weeks every day I have come across 2 or 3 different blog posts about Twilight. The book or the film. I get that it has a huge fanbase of adolescent girls and that everyone else hates it. I get why everyone else hates it too. I won’t go into that now, I’m sure if you’re anything like me you will already know, if not you’ll be able to find it really quickly. But why oh why does everyone want to write about it?!?

I’d rather tell you about the painful and scarring medical procedure I had done today. I had my contraceptive implant changed today and it hurts like hell. My whole arm aches. Just typing this feels weird. Looks like I’m safe for another three years now. And who knows, in three years it might be time for trying for a baby. It’s scary writing that. I mean Gareth and I have spoken about it obviously but still. Scary.

On another hand the invitations are nearly done and will be going out beginning of next month. I should probably go get on with that now…

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