I’ve been put right!

I’ve been told that there are at least 3 people reading my blog…not two! It’s wednesday evening and the wedding is in 3 sleeps time. Rehearsal tomorrow then friday it’s nails and a BBQ round my house. EXCITING!


I think we’re nearly there

Before I write this post properly I’m going to have to find Zemanta again. It wanders off like a lost child at intermittent intervals.

How annoying, I can’t seem to get it back up…I will look into it later.

So onto the post. All the little details for Jemmas wedding seem to be coming together now and it’s really gratifying watching it all fit into place. I’m sure the big day will be even more special for me, knowing I played a small part in it.

Jemma and I spoke about the logistical problems she’d encounter carrying out her bridesmaidly duties and I’m glad we did. I’d never demote her but it’s really helped me knowing that she has thought about it already. Being so close to her own wedding, I didn’t want to bring up my niggling worries!

It’s amazing how theraputic I’m finding this blog. Probably because I’m safe in the knowledge that only two people read it and they already know how crazy I am!

Well that’s all for today, tomorrow I have much to do and many phonecalls to make. That ought to keep me busy!


Been a few days

The Cable Car.Image via Wikipedia

Although I’m not going to kid myself into thinking thats there’s a whole load of people reading this religiously.

Wedding plans have come on in leaps and bounds and it’s really cheering me up. We’ve got both venues booked and save the date cards will be sent out as soon as my dinosaur stamper turns up and I can lug the printer down from the spare room. I think most of the stuff for the moment has been done. Of course I’m fitting it all in around helping Jemma out.

Also hoping now to honeymoon in Gibraltar, it’ll be kickass!

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Dwarf mongoose (Helogale parvula) in Korkeasaa...

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So wedding date is set for 4th July 2009. I basically have a year to pull this together. I love a challenge.

So we should probably talk about mongooses now, it’s been a little while and I haven’t mentioned them once. But what to say? They live in family groups, can kill snakes and Rudyard Kipling wrote a cute story about one once. I  really like mongooses and often wonder if they make suitable pets. Has anyone else got something to say about mongooses?

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